Saturday, December 19, 2015

Too Kool For Skool

When you elect a president because he has a sharp crease in his trousers, looks like a professor, and sounds smart you pretty much get what you bargained for: a president with sharp creases in his trousers.

bo sharp dressed manToo Kool for Skool

Rest assured that Barry still thinks he’s the smartest man in the room at any given time; and if you don’t believe me ask Chuck Hagel. Or any of Barry’s other former Secretaries of Defense.

Because, you see, when you’re the Professor being smart means you’re right. And right is more important than being effective – at least in the classroom where everything is theoretical. Charles Krauthammer explains what he calls BHO’s  “usual professorial condescension”

What’s amazing to me is how he looks at himself in his role. He ended that little soundbite that you had by saying, Putin was wrong. I told him he was wrong. This is not going to work out well, and here we are five years later, I was right.

And he sounds really satisfied with himself, because he won an upper common room argument over another professor. The fact is that whether he was right or not, is irrelevant. He did nothing about it. Yes he was right that it would be a terrible thing if you let Assad go, unrestrained, bomb his own people, you would end up with something horrible. So, he was right. But as president, you’re supposed to do something. He was urged by everybody in the administration, the military, diplomats, everybody, his advisers, to go and to do something. He does nothing, and yet he seems to be satisfied that because he had the analysis right, and he lectured Putin on this, it’s okay. His job (is) to do something, not to offer analysis.”

Because Barry never went to leadership school before becoming president he never learned that when you are the leader sometimes being right is subservient to being effective. And apparently he still doesn’t appreciate the fact that achieving the desired result takes precedence over your ego.


Heck, even The Donald knows when to leave his ego at the door in order to close the deal. Butt not Barry, he’s always the smartest man in the room who couldn’t find his way out of a brown paper bag (trigger warning: that might be a micro-aggression, or at least an inappropriate cultural appropriation) if his life depended on it.


Even if he was popcorn in the microwaveBarry couldn’t find his way out of a brown paper bag

Of course I realize this analogy is a gross example of white privilege so white, so in the interest of making the world a little bit fairer allow me to level the playing field:

Burnt paper bag with melted and burnt popcorn in the greased and dirty microwave oven, after the explosion and fire There, fixed it.

It just seems to me that if you’re so darn smart you should at least keep a fire extinguisher handy. You know - in case you inadvertently start a fire in the microwave while you’re trying to figure out where the “stop” button is. 

oven fire gif

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