Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Tribe Has Spoken

I was distracted from the get-go by the size of Wolf Blitzer’s head. I simply couldn’t get over how it seems to have grown too big for his scrawny little neck. If you’re going to grow a big head you need a big neck to carry it off.
And maybe a “fluff” of sugar-spun hair to balance things out.
A couple bits of news from last night’s debate: The Donald will absolutely, positively NOT run as a third party candidate. Unless he changes his mind. Again.
And Ted Cruz stated definitively that he never supported legalization, and does not intend to support legalization.Other than that, the boxing matches were pretty bloodless and the musical acts were pretty well choreographed.
Rubio, as always, delivered his well crafted prose poems with such aplomb- "we cannot continue to outsource foreign policy" – that it's beginning to sound like he's making videos for his future Presidential library.
Jeb pretended to be animated, The Donald smirked and grimaced at his opponents’ comments,
and blustered his way through a question on nuclear triads, which he apparently still knows nothing about. 
Cruz cruised, Christie fumed, and Carson calmed us with his best monotone crooning style.
The Vodka Pundit summed the Vegas debate up best:
Just give us Carson's patience and wisdom, with Cruz's constitutional smarts, Trump's go-to-hell spirit, Rubio's delivery, Christie's tirelessness, and Fiorina's fight.
As is often the case in politics, among 9 options we could cobble together one very good candidate. Hey, that might make a great motto:
The Vodka Pundit has a solution for that dilemma too:
We need a real-life political Dr. Frankenstein and a lab somewhere in Germany
Who knows; that composite girl friend worked out for Obama pretty well.

One other note: Kasich, Paul, and Bush bring nothing to Frankenstein operating table. Time they get voted off the island.
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