Friday, September 9, 2016

Everything You Need To Know About the #HillarybyProxy cabal

Okay you Never-Trumpers, I’ll  concede that The Donald is sometimes less than articulate (in the community organizer/orator sense of the word), says some things that seem less than brilliant, can be a bit crude and has some fairly funky looking hair. Which leads some to conclude he isn’t “presidential.”

However, I would expect you, then, to concede that electing the smartest guy (or gal) in the room with the sharpest crease in his/her trousers, whose primary qualifications entail being “articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy (or gal)” won’t exactly work out all that well either.

barack-obama-sunglasses-pointing-6Too cool for school

So to quote The Donald himself, “what have you got to lose?”

The_History_Channel_logoActually, chumps, everything.

The reason we need the History Channel is not just because people forget; it’s because most people fail to see history happening in real time and reminding them of what happened in the past might generate a spark of recognition. For example, Never Trumpers apparently think we’ve got a lot more time before the Zombie Apocalypse commences than we do because they don’t see or feel the hot breath of tyranny at their neck. If they did one would like to think they would take action to thwart it, even with a flawed candidate.

In order to fully comprehend the motivation of #NeverTrumpers however you need to complete a homework assignment; here is the course work: The Flight 93 Election.  I promise it will be the most important article you read all summer, perhaps in many summers. The anonymous author pins the tail on the #NeverTrumpers and leaves them exposed as the asses they are, committed to ensuring the continuance of the status quo that, theoretically, they oppose.

donkey flotilla

From The Flight 93 Election:

All of Trump’s 16 Republican competitors would have ensured more of the same—as will the election of Hillary Clinton. That would be bad enough. But at least Republicans are merely reactive when it comes to wholesale cultural and political change. Their “opposition” may be in all cases ineffectual and often indistinguishable from support. But they don’t dream up inanities like 32 “genders,” elective bathrooms, single-payer, Iran sycophancy, “Islamophobia,” and Black Lives Matter. They merely help ratify them.

So what do we have to lose by fighting back? Only our Washington Generals jerseys—and paychecks. But those are going away anyway. Among the many things the “Right” still doesn’t understand is that the Left has concluded that this particular show need no longer go on. They don’t think they need a foil anymore and would rather dispense with the whole bother of staging these phony contests in which each side ostensibly has a shot.

Seriously, it’s everything you need to know about the “honorable men” of “principle” who comprise the #HillarybyProxy cabal.

The next time you hear from me, it should be from the FOM Flyover Fest.

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