Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Clinton Crime Foundation Growth Fund

Given everything that’s going on it isn’t surprising that Hillary is hacking up hairballs.

621_clinton cat ladyAfter all she is a cat-lady

Yesterday Jason Chaffetz accused Hilz and/or her staff of wiping her private server clean of Emails (aka Federal records) by using Bleachbit (software designed to make data on hard drives unrecoverable) AFTER she was served with a subpoena by Congress. Not that there’s a law against destroying evidence that is subject to a Congressional investigation. Oh wait…there is. Butt it’s Hillary, so those rules don’t apply.

Also yesterday, news emerged that there was a coordination of questions between the Hillary camp and the Congressional Democrats who would be questioning her at the Benghazi hearings. Not that there’s anything illegal about collusion when testifying to Congress. Oh wait…there is.

Butt again,with Hillary those rules don’t apply. With the Clintons rules never apply

clinton crime foundation2We have our own house rules

Besides, with all these silly allegations taking up valuable air time, nobody is even talking about the pay-to-play shenanigans going on over at the Clinton Crime Foundation - where all the rules of engagement are established by Dogbert,


and Catbert.

catbert trust respectUm, no.

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