Thursday, August 24, 2017

Let the Lamentations Continue

If you were to tune into Deep State Media you would hear their continuing lamentations over Washington D.C. being destroyed by Trump. Interspersed would be breathless coverage of the Summer of Resistance and grumblings about Trump’s 17 day “working vacation” – his “fifth trip in six months” - to his own golf club in Bedminster,  NJ.

Their real complaint is that they can’t all go to Martha’s Vineyard for a “17 day working vacation” like they did while covering the The Won. Indeed, the Obamas vacationed for a good part of August on this elite resort island every year they occupied the White House, with the exception of the re-election year of 2012 when it may have appeared a bit unseemly.

rosbeck_house marthas vineyardThe Obamas’ usual Martha’s Vineyard retreat

But of course when Obama went on vacation is was because he earned it, working so hard to fundamentally transform America and all.

Obama’s golf game:Missing-a-shot-on-the-first-hole golf-at-Farm-Neck-MA-550x412

Trump’s golf game:

calvin and golf Let the Lamentations continue.

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