Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Rabbit Hole Wednesday–August 23, 2017

WANTED: bad actors to form a Rent-a-Mob.

paid actors

Wow, indeed. I’m so old I remember when you didn’t get paid to protest. You just showed up to show your support for the cause – like Trump’s supporters still do.

phoenix aug 17 trump

The paid protestors in Phoenix were hard to spot, as they blended right in - with each other.

toxic trump

Meanwhile, across the land, Progressives are reconsidering their position on free speech, as it no longer works exclusively for them. Professor Jennifer Delton’s piece takes us down the rabbit hole immediately as the article is titled, un-ironically, When ‘free speech’ becomes a political weapon. As WeirdDave at AOSHQ points out, ironically, THAT'S THE ENTIRE POINT OF FREE SPEECH. Read the whole thing, but not before you’ve had your morning Covfefe.


What we have is indeed a failure to communicate; a willful Deep State Media (DSM) imposed failure to communicate.

This is MOTUS, signing off from the Rabbit Hole.

dorothy and alice

See you next week when more weird shit happens.

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