Friday, August 25, 2017

Life Is Not Fair: FLOTUS FRIDAY 6

I thought it was nice of Chelsea Clinton to stick up for Barron Trump:

melania chelsea barron

Unfortunately poor Chels probably relates all to well to being picked on as the progeny of the President. Especially since she too arrived in the White House during her, shall we say…awkward years.

bill chels the awkward years

But let’s not get distracted. Not now when things are decidedly looking up.


Let’s stay upbeat. After all, if Hilz had won there would be no Melania to lighten the load.

flotus melania

Nor would there be the lovely first daughter Ivanka, gorgeous to gaze upon even makeup free - as she is here, taking a selfie with a fan last weekend.

ivanka makeup free with a fan

Instead we would have Hillary, shrieking at us every day from her bully pulpit as her creepy flesh made our skin crawl.

hillary clinton

And then there would be first daughter Chelsea – well, imagine her going makeup free from time to time…and we’d have to see it.


Honestly, life is so not fair. But thank you, God, for not subjecting us to a harridan president who would spend all of her time and our money trying to make it so. In the full Socialist sense.

socialism*Except for our rulers, and our would-be rulers.

I think Hillary should pack it up and head for Venezuela; they could use a new socialist president. And they’ve already got all that ‘social justice’ thing going on so it should be snap.

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