Monday, August 21, 2017

Prepare To Be Amazed

Today we bear witness to precisely how much control man has over God’s universe:


That’s right, exactly…none. But hey, if any of the brilliant scientists who believe we can slow down, reverse, or halt global warming/cooling want to take a crack at stopping the eclipse, be my guest. Could be a good trial run to see how well toilet paper restrictions, cow fart mediation and forced public transportation will work to stop climate change in its tracks.

IMG_20170819_133707248_HDRShot by MOTUS on I-80, Saturday, August 19, 2017, somewhere in Wyoming along the path of totality.

My initial thoughts: (trigger warning - micro-aggression ahead!) if your foot soldiers in mankind’s war against global warming/cooling need to be told by their government to turn their lights on while driving through a TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN they may not have the right stuff to become masters of the universe.

Raj and I decided to avoid the crowds and hassles of pursuing the total eclipse and settle for a backyard party feting the 91% partial eclipse occurring in the gentle climes of Park City. I’m certain it will be almost as awesome. And even if not, we can sleep in, make a pitcher of bloody Mary’s to share with our neighbors, along with some deviled eggs and smoked trout and observe one of God’s most amazing astrological events. Without ever leaving home.


Prepare to be amazed.

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