Friday, February 23, 2018

FLOTUS Friday, and I’m Planning a Party

It’s technically FLOTUS Friday. 


But Melania has wisely chosen to stay below the radar as Big Media and the Left (but I repeat myself) are loaded for bear – metaphorically speaking, as we all know how they feel about the right to bear arms – and have her husband in the cross hairs. I note there will be no lefty uproar about saying that as “cross hairs” are only inflammatory political rhetoric” when talking about liberals.

To say the media has behaved reprehensibly during the past week in their attempt to advance their gun control “debate” is a given. But what is even more disheartening is listening to the heartfelt outpouring of the teenagers from Parkland who are disrespectfully demanding that we become more like China by restricting gun ownership in this country. I understand they are emotional over the loss of their classmates, but such sentiments indicate a complete failure of the education system to teach history, both our own and China’s.

It’s all enough to make a grown man (generic use of the word) weep.

I need to regroup, so I’m planning a party. Next Friday, March 2. It’s a virtual retirement party for Janice the American Elder and will be held in the virtual MOTUS Twilight Nocturne Lounge from 7:00 – 9:00 PM EST. So plan ahead, and set your calendar reminders. You do not want to miss it, there will be virtual food, music, art, and of course, beverages. Prepare to send JtAE into life-after-work in style.

MOTUS TNL sign_thumb[2]

I’m inviting Melania too, I think she could use a night out.  I wonder what she’ll wear – Melania, not Janice.

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