Saturday, February 24, 2018

What, Exactly, Do You Do Here?

Let me be clear, not THIS Scott Peterson: he’s just a murderous sociopath.


The Scot Peterson everyone’s talking about today is the recently retired Broward County Sheriff's Office Deputy whose dereliction of duty might arguably be considered  “acting stupidly.” 

1519388013413Former Broward County Sheriff’s Office “School Security Monitor” Deputy Scot Peterson

According to Officer Tim Burton of the Coral Springs Police Department, Peterson responded to the Parkland school shooting by seeking cover behind a concrete column leading to a stairwell” rather than running into danger to stop the killing of unarmed children and school staff.  But before you jump to conclusions, let me point out that Peterson was NOT an assigned “School Security Guard,” rather he was a “School Security Monitor.”

This clarification of Peterson’s assignment and duties should help Student Jenna Jorsten who told WSVN that she was “in shock” Peterson stayed outside -- especially after learning of unarmed teachers and students who risked their lives to save others. “If he’s the one with a gun, he should be the one out there with the gun trying to protect the kids,” she said. “Why was he hiding outside? It just makes no sense to me whatsoever. I mean it just doesn’t make sense to me at all.” I suspect she feels the same way about the other 3 Broward County “security monitors” with guns who showed up on the scene to monitor the situation from outside.

But Peterson wasn’t the only one — three other Broward County Sheriff’s deputies also remained outside the school with their pistols drawn as they took cover behind their vehicles, CNN reports.

Lest you be concerned about  ex-deputy Peterson’s safety and that of his family in the aftermath of this mis-misunderstanding of his duties, let me assure you there’s no reason to get all wee-weed up. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has pulled out all the stops to protect him and casa Peterson:

Screenshot Studio capture #3494

Wow, 6 fully armed Deputy Sheriff “Security Guards” (NOT Security Monitors). Imagine if the Sheriff’s Department had sent 6 fully armed Deputy Sheriffs to Parkland HS not as Security Monitors but as actual Security Guards.  And imagine if Coach Feis, teacher Scott Beigel and Athletic Director Chris Hixon had something at their disposal other than their bodies to protect the students; something like maybe a gun. I’ll bet Scot Peterson has a gun. You know - to protect his family.

Seems like it’s time to get back to the basics of real police work, this “monitoring” crap is working about as well at the local level as it works for the FBI.

what do you do hereClue: the answer should not be “monitor”

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