Monday, February 19, 2018

Happy Presidents’ Day, And Yes, He Is Your President

I’m simply tired of the Left’s latest round of “debate” over gun control and immigration “reform.” It’s beyond tedious at this point, and I blame the Russians.

Here’s the Left’s complete argument, on both issues:


”SHUT UP! I’m on a roll.”

And another thing I’m sick of: the Winter Olympics. Not the games so much as the coverage: How NBC Flubbed Its Coverage, Reported The Wrong Gold Medalist, Then Botched The Correction Of One Of The Most Stunning Upsets In Olympic History.

This was the race in which snow boarder Ester Ledecká, who entered the women’s Super-G on a whim and a set of borrowed skis, ended up taking the gold in a field of very accomplished women skiers. Looks like Lindsey Vonn won’t have to worry about going to the White House after all. As Ann Coulter pointed out (h/t Drama Queeen):

ann coulter lindsey vohn

She’s been Trumped, bigly. Next chance to see Lindsey lose is on Wednesday, in the Downhill.

Happy Presidents’ Day!

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