Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Nevertheless She Persisted

On this day in history:

Elizabeth Warren

I understand Lizzy later went on to join the WWII Code Talkers as well.

Last week – to advance her chances in 2020 - she dropped in uninvited at the National Congress of American Indians' winter session in Washington in an attempt to put to rest the controversy surrounding her claim of Native American (minority) status. She didn’t apologize for the cultural appropriation (only required of non-minority conservatives) in fact she pretty much double-downed on the unsubstantiated and frequently disputed claim of Indian heritage.

While acknowledging the joke and conceding she wasn't a member of any tribe, she stuck by her claim that her mother's family was part Native American.

"I never used my family tree to get a break or get ahead," she said. "I never used it to advance my career."

In an attempt to move past the conversation about her own heritage, she told the gathering that any time her opponents brought up her family's story, she would "use it to lift up the story of your families and your communities. U.S. News

warren 1986She did look more like a Native American in 1986, before she was a blonde.

So the joke is she’s not really a Cherokee but will continue to use that story of victimology to advance her cause, and if they let her get away with the claim she’ll “lift them up” by letting them ride along on her skirt tails. What a gal!

warren cherokee hypocrite“Nevertheless She Persists”

Honestly, Native Americans need to have their story told. Especially the part about the First Peoples’ culture devolving into a stew of socialistic experiments and state dependency that have resulted in poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide and educational failure. Thanks, Nanny State! What else you got?

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