Tuesday, May 22, 2018

I’m So Old I Remember When the University of Michigan Was a Great School

I’m so old I remember when the University of Michigan was renowned for it’s STEM programs. Clearly this is not your patriarch’s university anymore. Even if that wasn’t a sexist comment.

Summary: Everything wrong with higher education in 2 tweets - or as the Instapundit might say -





As my contribution to the ever escalating price of college credentials I am offering this complimentary course in Gender Studies from the University of Michigan for FREE! I can’t guarantee you a $100k job at the university of your choice but I will guarantee you a better education than you will get for the $250k cost of obtaining the same B. S. degree from the University of Michigan.

gender studies

Comprehension of this chart entitles you to a baccalaureate degree in GENDER STUDIES from the MOTUS University of Life Sciences.

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