Wednesday, May 23, 2018

When Harry (Deep State) Met Sally (Fourth Estate)

What happens when a country’s super-secret spy agencies are filled with liars, dirty tricksters and #Resisters?  They will trip over their own stories, lose key “conversations,” misplace or otherwise refuse to divulge important documents.

trump fbi docs

Ultimately they will reveal themselves for the nefarious, lying weasels they are. The only question is will the MSM report it?

Not if they have anything to say about it. As inconvenient facts gurgle to the surface…

oozing lava

the MSM is busily ignoring them as they calculate how best to shift the narrative from “collusion” to “coverup” in delirious hope that somebody embedded in the Deep State’s war on America will concoct something, anything that will stick.

jello nailed on wallSEND IN THE JELLO!

That’s all they’ve got, and they don’t have that either, so the next few weeks and months should be interesting. And I predict it will provide material for decades – if not centuries - to come for students of history, journalism, political science and ethics.

But as of right now the story about Deep State launching an illegal search and destroy mission against the political candidate promising to eliminate Deep State is not a story. Because with the MSM nothing is a story until they say it’s a story. By refusing to do so the media cabal further implicates themselves in the conspiracy.

Mainstream-Media-CNN-Fake-News-Get-Trump-600x415That will never happen

This may prove a good time for everyone to revisit their mission statements.

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