Monday, May 21, 2018

Nevertheless, He Persisted

The FBI and CIA thumbed the eye of an armed nuclear state based on false intelligence.  Why? 

The answer is now obvious: to cover up their own election year shenanigans they thought would remain forever hidden in the inevitable Hillary Clinton victory.

It was the ultimate campaign dirty trick: a joint operation by the intelligence agencies and the media against a political candidate.  - How the FBI and CIA Restarted the Cold War to Protect Themselves

Now, two years into the ginned-up investigation of Russiagate, there has been “not one smidgeon of corruption” to be found. In fact, not a smidgeon of corruption, collusion or obstruction - at least not on Trump’s team. The same cannot be said of the FBI/DOJ/Democratic Party, as disturbing facts continue to emerge. But when PDJT demanded an investigation of these unlawful acts:

constitution 1a

Democrats, including a former CIA director, warned he was creating a constitutional crisis:

constitutional crisis1

constitutional brennan

It may have been the shortest crisis on record as the FBI almost immediately capitulated:


And Judicial Watch speculates that John Brennan may have good reason to obstruct such an investigation.

constitutional fitton

So for the crowd that has operated on nothing but Russiagate and "we hate Trump" may I suggest you stock up on your drug of choice, some light reading materials, a lot of sunscreen and head to the beach.  It’s going to be a long, hot summer. Oh, and soap-on-a-rope.

donald trump is the storm

“Nevertheless, He Persisted”

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