Saturday, May 26, 2018

Let There Be Art

NFL players and BLM will be getting together this weekend to demand social justice. Now that they can no longer take a knee during the National Anthem they will be pursuing new ways to display their grievances against America’s racism and protest police brutality. (I’d suggest they consult George Soros as he seems to know how to accomplish his social justice goals.) 

As NFL players consider new ways to protest, the rest of the country will be flying, waving and otherwise displaying the flag the thugs seem so bent on disrespecting.


The flag that so many gave their all for.

As the flag protestors of the NFL figure out new ways to lose fans and alienate the nation, allow me to turn your attention to the art of one man who has found a way to celebrate America’s real heroes in a joyous explosion of artistic expression. Brought to you today by UpNorthLurkin!

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