Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A Whistleblower by Any Other Name Is an Enemy of the (Deep) State

In a sane world Sara Carter’s report on the Pentagon whistleblower who was fired after revealing that Stefan Halper, an FBI informant, was paid extravagant sums of money to frame the President of the USA would have been a blockbuster:

In the fall of 2016, Adam Lovinger, a former senior official of the Defense Department’s Office of Net Assessment (ONA), stumbled upon evidence that the deep state wanted buried -- documents exposing Halper's role in the frame-up job. He voiced his concerns about what he had found and paid dearly for it.In-case-of-whistleblower-break-glass

But in the Deep State rabbit hole we find ourselves, pfft, it’s just fake news. Reporting is optional.

"Stefan Halper invited the Trump campaign officials into the lion's den," Bigley explained. "This was not a set of organic meetings. This was not Halper reporting things that he witnessed that he thought were concerning -- as he has put out there in the media."

He continued: "We have an absolute, ironclad document trail that shows that Halper invited the Russians -- Halper foisted the Russians on the Trump officials at these meetings and at these seminars."

Bigley said that deep state actors were engaging in "a classic espionage tactic" by accusing the Trump campaign of what they themselves were doing. "That's the entire genesis of the Mueller investigation," he explained.

"There's no question that there was a conspiracy afoot here, and that was to use people to insinuate themselves into the Trump campaign as spies and in order to set up individuals as scapegoats essentially for the Trump/Russia collusion probe," Fox News' Gregg Jarrett added. "And the FBI's all in on this."

Gosh, I’m so old I remember when Obama swore to protect whistleblowers.


Although he doesn’t think “whistleblower” means what you think it does.

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BTW, anyone seen this man lately?

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