Friday, August 31, 2018

#FLOTUSFriday: Let’s Put a Little Butt Into It

The reliably, rabidly anti-Trump media never misses an opportunity to behave like the mean girls they are. Take this week’s ceremonial planting of an oak sapling - an ancestor of the White House Eisenhower oak tree.

trump buchanan eisenhowerMelania along with descendants of James Monroe and Dwight Eisenhower plant a sapling to replace a tree damaged earlier this year

Had this happened during the O’s Occupation we would have been treated to oohs and ahhs from the press about the environmental importance of planting trees in these trying times of global warming, along with a touching story highlighting the symbolism of presidential ancestors participating in the planting of a White House ancestral oak – along with a sidebar note explaining the poignancy in the Age of Obama of one of those ancestors being a descendant of James Monroe who – although he was critical of the practice - owned slaves himself.

But since it’s the Trump White House and all things related to Trump must be destroyed we get instead snotty stories from home and overseas about boob jobs, stilettos and expensive skirts.

Did she wear 4in Christian Louboutin stilettos to aerate the soil? Did she choose a $4,000 floral Valentino skirt for its horticultural motif? …Maybe Trump decided she would just wear what she liked and that it was the tree and the mud that were inappropriate out there. After all, when she “gardened” in a plaid shirt (albeit a Balenciaga one) and Converse, people laughed at the fact that the Converse looked box fresh. - The Guardian

Melania Trump

But I don’t recall appropriate wardrobe ever being an issue when the press had the POTUS and FLOTUS they thought they deserved:


This time around, Trump's trolling took the form of a pair of pastel pink Christian Louboutin stilettos; a tight, sleeveless tank top; and a $3,950 A-line Valentino skirt, which was made in Italy but, coincidentally enough, via the collection's theme and its floral print, pays homage to Cuba—the same country that the Eisenhower administration targeted with the (failed) Bay of Pigs Invasion, plotting to overthrow Fidel Castro.** All that certainly matched the golden shovel Trump used—and further showed off by abstaining from using gardening gloves—though it also seems to further the idea that she truly Really Doesn't Care about the media's scrutiny, which is she must know is guaranteed at this point.

Heh, sounds like W magazine enjoys a bit of trolling themselves. More:

In contrast to the pair of (brand-new) Converse and a (Balenciaga) flannel she wore when getting to work in the White House garden back in September, Trump didn't even pretend to go through the motions of dressing for the occasion. While she did indeed make it to the dirt, she remained loyal to her usual uniform, which is to say an expensive ensemble practically designed to incite outrage.


“Let me show you the proper way to use a shovel”

mo shovel ready

Now that we’ve established skill, let’s discuss technique and style:

r960-092dd627a9d649e77d880b5b44dbc1d6Put a little butt into it (for the record, Hillary is wearing heals for this tree planting)

michelle-obama-cherry-blossoms-4x3   (as is Michelle) Or a lot of butt

And these people still wonder who Melania’s “I really don’t care” message was for?

**For the record the Bay of Pigs, although conceived by the CIA during the Eisenhower administration, was actually approved and carried out by the JFK administration. But then historical accuracy is not a big deal to journalists these days, and why blame a Democrat for something you can pin on a Republican.

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