Thursday, August 30, 2018

There Is One Thing You Can’t Call Your Teacher

Remember when teachers were the adults in the room? Apparently that’s not always the case these days. Take the case of 10-year old Tamarion for example; his teacher punished him for addressing her (zir?) as “ma’am” – a term of respect towards the female gender until such time SJWs began creating new genders and gender neutrality rules. This was his punishment: writing “ma’am” over 200 times – 4 columns, both sides of the page.


Now I don’t pretend to know what grievance the teacher was attempting to redress by instructing her young student to cease and desist. It could be ageism, sexism, genderism, racism, patriarchy…your guess is as good as mine. 

I can’t help but wonder if Tamarion’s teacher would have been happier if he had called her bitch or ‘ho. Seriously, who are these idiots teaching your children? Never mind, the answer is contained in the the question.

bart ma'am bitch

Note: apologies to all hard working teachers out there who aren’t idiots but still have to work with a lot of them.

Larwyn’s Linx on Doug Ross@Journal, and Free Republic, Thanks!