Monday, August 27, 2018

Lanny’s Level of Sliminess: Expert

lanny humping booksLanny, shilling his book The Unmaking of the President 2016: How FBI Director Comey Cost Hillary Clinton the Presidency

Per the Washington Post:

Davis did not rule out that his claims were correct but expressed regret that he did not explain that he could not independently corroborate them, saying that he now believes he “should have been more clear.” [...]

Davis told The Washington Post that he cannot confirm media reports that Cohen is prepared to tell special counsel Robert S. Mueller III that Trump had advance knowledge of the 2016 Trump Tower meeting, where Donald Trump Jr. expected to receive damaging information about Clinton from a Russian lawyer.

To be clear: Lanny can’t confirm the media reports that he generated and spread.

The information in the Post story, which was attributed to one person familiar with discussions among Cohen’s friends, came from Davis, who is now acknowledging his role on the record.

Davis said he should not have expressed such confidence in his information.

“I should have been more clear — including with you — that I could not independently confirm what happened,” Davis said, adding: “I regret my error.”

If I were a cynic (full disclosure: I am) I’d say Old Lanny was scamming the Trump haters: promising them red meat in exchange for their greenbacks: Michael Cohen and Lanny Davis latest to 'sell' scandal testimony.

You would think that sort of thing would be illegal but apparently it falls under the umbrella of unregulated gaming.

Lawyer Lanny Davis this week became a virtual infomercial for a GoFundMe site. In continuous appearances on every network, Davis shilled for donors for his client, former Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen. […]

For many, GoFundMe has become a bazaar where one can put money down on the testimony most likely to hurt or help Trump…

It is a curious extension of the entertainment industry where, instead of selecting the next star on “America’s Got Talent,” you can support the next star witness.

Sometimes the next star witness is actually the lawyer.


And as Alan Dershowitz often says, sometimes your witness sings, sometimes they also compose.

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