Friday, December 28, 2018


"Please don't tell my mother I’m a journalist; she thinks I sell crack at a strip club."


When the ball drops in Times Square New Year's Eve, it will be aimed, at least metaphorically, at all those who are demonizing and attacking journalists and their profession.

The Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment, which together orchestrate the iconic midnight celebration, says that the event this year will officially celebrate "journalists and press freedom" by making the Committee to Protect Journalists its official charity. That is the group that, before President Trump was elected, took the unprecedented step of declaring the Republican candidate a threat to press freedom "unknown in modern history.”Multichannel News

Well move over 2018 #MeToo victims, journalists will be taking your place as next year’s objects of victimology. Accepting the award for 2019’s grievance group will be Brian Williams and Dan Rather.

rather and williams

But seriously? Honoring JournOlists on New Year’s Eve? I don’t think that’s the sort of “Adoration of the Magi” Da Fabriano  had in mind.

adoration of the magi

Nor do I think that any journalist today is worthy to be called magus (not to be confused with maggot).

brian williams noah

Right, because the last one sunk under it’s own weight.

titanic obama - sinking_ship_cartoon“Courage”