Sunday, December 23, 2018

It’s a Marshmallow World: the Abbreviated Disco Version

IHC:  I hate computers. I was working on a post and all of a sudden it disappeared; completely, irrevocably, irretrievably; the victim of an undefined ERROR. So here I am, leaving at the crack of dawn and I don’t have a post ready. So this is going to be necessarily brief.

All the discussion yesterday about sweet potatoes with/without marshmallows got me thinking… about marshmallows! Aren’t marshmallows a great Christmas theme? So I selected some seasonal marshmallow music - Mark Steyn & Jessica Martin’s disco version of “It’s A Marshmallow World”

Unfortunately that’s pretty much all I’ve got time for today. I’ll have to reinvent the rest of my festive marshmallow themed post for tomorrow. Here’s a little tease of what’s in store: these are my two little woolly Christmas snow-buddies, added to the collection about 20 years ago. If you look closely you can see that they’re roasting marshmallows around the campfire.
That’s part of my Rosenthal star candleholder collection in the background with some of those micro-mini rice light strings. They make the crystal shimmer and are much less messy than drippy candles. They may never see the glow of candlelight again.
So have a good day everyone. I’m packing my sleigh and heading out shortly for the western side of the state. Check back tomorrow for more marshmallow memes.