Thursday, December 27, 2018

FLOTUS Friday on Thursday

FLOTUS Friday on Thursday: yes, I can do that. It was an executive order. Christmas week is all screwed up anyway so why wait till Friday when we’ve got great photos today?

But how dare he? How dare PDJT ruin the media’s Christmas narrative by flying to Iraq right after they wrote the BIG story “Trump First President Since 2002 to Not Visit Troops at Christmas” and then he goes and makes a trip to Iraq. And Germany. With Melania. To see the troops. Again I ask, How dare they?


Quick change-out of headlines then to a new narrative: Trump treats trip to visit troops like a campaign trip (CNN), Donald Trump Twitter Account Video Reveals Covert U.S. Navy SEAL Deployment During Iraq Visit (Newsweek), Donald Trump Finally Visits Troops in Iraq For Christmas (The Root) and, um, “your mama wears combat boots!”

bootsI had a pair just like Melania’s back in the late 60’s! Well, mine were from K-Mart so maybe not just like them

Besides, it’s no big deal, every FLOTUS does it, right? Remember that time Michelle visited a war zone with Buh-rock the magic negro? Yeah, me neither. Although I do remember when Michelle visited several foreign countries:

Russia, the Vatican, Ghana, France, Cambodia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, England, Ireland, Italy, Colombia, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, El Salvador, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Tanzania, Japan, Indonesia, India, Mexico, South Africa, Botswana, Liberia, Morocco, Qatar, Canada, Senegal, Norway, Netherlands and Cuba. And I’d include Aspen (7 times)  because that’s for all intents and purposes a foreign country too.

But Iraq? Afghanistan? No. Why would she go there?

And remember the good times when Barry visited the troops overseas and they all cheered “USA, USA!” when he walked out? Yeah, me neither.

umbrella obamaI wonder why?

Anyway, Melania now joins a very small, elite group of First Ladies of the United States, including Martha Washington and Hillary’s personal seer, Eleanor Roosevelt, who have ever visited an actual combat zone. So she has a more legitimate claim to “dodging bullets”  than Hilz ever had.


And she makes it look so easy.