Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Transmogrifier Boxing Day

Don’t get me wrong, Christmas was wonderful: from the Nutcracker performance on the 23rd right through the turkey dinner with all the trimmings + five late yesterday.

And now it’s Boxing Day, and that’s where I’d like to be: nestled down in a box to sleep for about 48 hours. As my batteries grow older it seems to take longer to recharge them once they’ve been run down.

And I feel I need a full charge to deal with people who told us in 2016/17 that PDJT was a warmonger who would entangle us in conflicts all over the globe and are now mad at him for announcing he intends to wind down two conflicts. One of which we’ve been engaged in for 17 years under rules of engagement that prohibit winning.

Glenn Greenwald, notable lefty, has an interesting take:

greenwald tweets trump

Even that level of reality check immediately brings out the left’s lunacy:


Mr. Greenwald responds:


To which I’d add that I also strongly suspect that neither TJ nor TJ’s family are directly involved in fighting in any of these “perpetual wars” seeking to provide rights for “marginalized” people that he finds suddenly so compelling.

So we are now supposed to listen to the people who excoriated General Mad Dog Mattis when President Trump tapped him to be Secretary of Defense, but now feel his departure is the singularly worse thing that’s ever happened in the history of the republic. It seems somewhat peevish to point out that they voted against General Mattis before they voted for him.


Almost. Or maybe they all got transmogrifiers for Christmas:

transmogrifier box

Me, I’m off to enjoy Boxing Day. With a nice big cup of covfefe.


Feel free to join me.