Thursday, March 7, 2019

AOC: The Hysteria Is Getting Out Of Control

This is the last post I’m going to do on AOC, at least for this week…or until she does something else completely idiotic: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 'I Am As Powerful As A Man' And It Drives Critics 'Crazy.

Um, no, that’s not it. It’s the sort of man that you are “as powerful as” – the equally crazy, misguided and venal ones: Bernie, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Barack Hussein Obama – that drives us crazy.

“The idea that a woman can be as powerful as a man is something that our society can’t deal with,“ the freshman Democrat from New York told The New Yorker in an interview published Monday. “But I am as powerful as a man and it drives them crazy.”

In whose society are you living Sandy? Somalia’s? Saudi Arabia’s? Iran’s? Last time I looked that’s where they have problems with a woman being as powerful as a man. But that’s okay you keep playing the misogynist card anyway. It sure worked for Hillary.

To be fair, I’m not too crazy about the women who you are “as powerful as” either, starting with Chairman Maxine and progressing through all your new-best-freshman-gal-pals.

Image result for alexandria ocasio-cortez ilhan omar rashida tlaibYeah, let’s get rid of the Jews. They’re such haters.

Ocasio-Cortez made the remark in response to a quote from Jezebel’s Ashley Reese: “Women are often either characterized as hideous harpies like Hillary Clinton or pretty idiots whose ‘craziness’ is bound up with their sex appeal ... To her critics, Ocasio-Cortez is firmly in the pretty idiot category.”

It’s probably just me but I’m in the critic column that puts her undeniably in the idiot category but questionably pretty, at least when she opens her big mouth. But what do I know about pretty? My specialty is idiots. And not restricted to women.

Image result for alexandria ocasio-cortez and adam schiff

“I’m just a normal person. I knew that I was not going to be liked. I’m a Democrat. I’m a woman. I’m a young woman. A Latina. And I’m a liberal, a [Democratic Socialists of America] member,” Ocasio-Cortez said. ”

Yeah, weird that people in America don’t like a young idiot who wants to fundamentally change a country whose fundamental principles she knows very little about to a cesspool of socialism. We’re so closedminded. And non-progressive. Let’s be more like Venezuela!

... But this ravenous hysteria ― it’s really getting to a level that is kind of out of control. It’s dangerous and even scary. I have days when it seems some people want to stoke just enough of it to have just enough plausible deniability if something happens to me.”

Now that’s funny: that’s something that Donald Trump might have said.