Saturday, March 9, 2019

Time For the Time Bandits To Come Out of the Shadows

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It’s true: it’s that time of year again, already. Time to reset your clocks.

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In addition to death and taxes we are now required to surrender an hour of our time to government; tomorrow morning at 2:00 AM you are mandated to turn your clock ahead one hour (unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii where they successfully rebelled against this tyranny years ago). What they do with our hour is anybody’s guess but when we finally get it back next November I know it will be greatly devalued.

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In the past you could protest by refusing to adjust your clocks and just being late all summer but no more; now your phone, computer, tablet, smart TV and many alarm clocks adjust themselves with neither your authorization or intervention. It becomes harder and harder to be a time rebel.

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And now our devices even try to put time limits on some of our activities, especially if said activities include non-progressive messaging.

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I say be a rebel: ignore their stinkin’ limits! And support Marco Rubio’s Sunshine Protection Act, which would make Daylight Saving Time permanent for the entire United States.

Time for the Time Bandits to finally come out of the shadows.

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