Tuesday, March 5, 2019

It’s Fat Tuesday And I Don’t Have a Kitchen

Did I tell you I’m having new countertops installed tomorrow? That means today the handyman is coming to tear out the sink and cooktop so – no kitchen for Fat Tuesday! And I’ve got to to pack up EVERYTHING.  I took inventory last night and was surprised how much crap I’ve managed to cram into the cupboards and drawers of what is a very modest sized kitchen.

So as I need to get busy I leave you with this gem to process: AOC’s mother left New York for the comparative sanity of Florida precisely because of the high tax policy her daughter champions. Because in real life the “tax the rich” mantra sweeps up all the little people’s money before it ever gets to the big guys.

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‘I lived in the New York area for most of my life but I started being unable to afford it,’ Blanca said in the living-room of her modest but tidy Florida house…The mother-of-two said the couple took a mortgage and received help from other family members who pooled some of their resources…Blanca said it was a no-brainer, adding: ‘I was paying $10,000 a year in real estate taxes up north. I’m paying $600 a year in Florida. It’s stress-free down here.’ – Daily Mail

And she claims her daughter never had plans for getting into politics

Early on, AOC didn't show signs she'd get into politics - except that she talked incessantly and itched to show off her brains, her mother said. 

Yes, she still likes to strut out that Really Big Brain (RBB®) of hers. Unfortunately her RBM (really big mouth) often gets ahead of her RBB®.

Image result for alexandria ocasio-cortez really big brainYou would think a RBB® would now that House Rules prohibit Members from using their power to make threats based on political affiliation

Mama added:

'She wasn't raised to be a socialist,' Mrs. Ocasio-Cortez said. 'That's not how Puerto Ricans are. She's a democratic socialist, and it's very different' 

Now we know where AOC got that RBB® of hers. AOC should have used it study up on existing campaign finance laws before letting her chief of staff illegally move $885G in campaign contributions 'off the books,' according to a FEC complaint. Or paying her boyfriend from PAC funds.

Meanwhile, the good news for AOC is  1) Hillary is NOT running for president again, so the “First Female President” slot is still open, and 2) AOC looks to have all the attributes required to claim that title as her own: a RBB® (just ask her anything) and blatant disregard for the laws.

SPECIAL PROGRAMMING NOTE: don’t forget today is Fat Tuesday, aka Paczki Day (improbably pronounced “poonch-key” or ponch-key depending on where you are from)!


Savor your custard and jelly filled paczkis as Lent begins tomorrow - which is God’s way of giving you a second chance for your New Year’s resolution.