Monday, March 25, 2019

Everything’s Better With Some Morning Joe

Honestly, I was beginning to feel a smidge guilty about my glee and continual jubilation over the general  meltdown of the Democrats - along with their house organ, the MSM – over Mueller’s NO COLLUSION verdict.

But that was before I tuned into Morning Joe to check out their more fair and balanced view of the situation. There was  Mika doing what she does best, looking morose,

Joe doing what he does best, pretending to be a conservative, along with a team of impartial journalists consisting of Tom Brokaw, Chris Matthews, Mike Barnicle, Michael Beschloss, David Ignatius and some dour woman from the Washington Post

They spent half the time wistfully running old tapes – “Nixon’s last day”, “Nixon’s last farewell”, “Nixon’s last flight from Washington” - with their resident historians commenting on the similarities and, sadly, differences, between the two presidencies.

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The other half was spent trying to pretend their hair wasn’t on fire by talking about what the President WASN’T exonerated of (obstruction of justice!) and things that were “still open to question” - investigations regarding Trump’s business, finances, and inauguration (inauguration??).

One guy whose name I forget penned an article for the Financial Times titled Robert Mueller Is The God That Failed Democrats. He opined that Nancy Pelosi, because she had been tempering expectations on the Mueller report, demonstrated “the sort of level headed reasonableness in terms of leadership the Democrats need.”  Right, lets get more level-headed reasonableness like Nancy’s.

Image result for nancy pelosi on lowering the voting age“I think it’s really important to capture kids when they are in high school when they are interested in all of this, when they are learning about government, to be able to vote,”

Nancy, who thinks 16 year-olds should vote while they’re still “learning about government.” And while they’re still learning about government’s proper role in their business they also “learning” about global warming, our imperialist roots, social justice, the evils of capitalism, the 31 genders, and how to be perfect bots in a world run by government.

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So when I saw how down in the mouth the whole Morning Joe crew appeared to be,

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I lost even that little twinge of guilt and returned happily to pursuing my bliss. Schadenfreude, now even better with some morning joe.

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