Friday, March 29, 2019

MAGA, Grand Rapids Edition

President Trump held a rally in my hometown last night. By all first person accounts the Grand Rapids, MI rally was a resounding success from wheels down…

to wheels up

And everything in between.

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Just look at all those young white nationalists supporting Trump.

But as usual fake news was hard at work, giving equal time and attention to all the protestors who showed up in “Trump is literally Hitler!” masks and pink tights,

rallying for the “socialist alternative”

which I would remind them is currently operating without power or democracy in the country formerly known as Venezuela.

But yeah lady, great slogan. Because if you just build bridges instead of walls the the invasion of America could proceed at a much quicker clip and we could all be Venezuela faster than anybody could even imagine.

No thanks. I prefer my immigrants to be legal -  they tend to respect our laws and our way of life. Like me, they prefer to Make America Great Again instead of turning it into the same kind of hell-hole they left behind.

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So let me explain once again, primarily for members of the fake news outlets, there is a YUGE difference between legal immigrants and illegal “immigrants” aka aliens. Once you grasp this basic difference perhaps you’ll stop calling our young non-minority males in red hats “radical rightwing white supremacists.”

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Because that’s like judging a book by its cover, something fake news use to tell us we ought not do.

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FOOTNOTE FOR THE MORON ON THE BIKE WITH THE SIGN: You are correct, capitalism isn’t democracy. Capitalism is a economic system; democracy is a political system.