Thursday, March 28, 2019

Go With Your Instinct

It’s been a few days since I even thought about our little green weenie let alone mentioned her and I was beginning to have AOC withdrawal. Sort of like a day without whatever anti-sunshine would be.

Cloudy with a chance of thunder

So while our country remains under siege by lawless invaders because Democrats think no person is illegal, which followed to its reasonable conclusion would let everyone out of prison, let’s focus instead on the silly little girl who somehow got elected to Congress. Because electing people like her is precisely why we are currently being invaded.

So, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she of the hyphenated name and brain, first tweeted the world about “imposter syndrome” in January when someone pointed out that “people of color entering elite spaces are often attacked as undeserving charlatans.” 

It’s not an attack if you really are an undeserving charlatan.

I guess that applies when that “elite space” is the House of Representatives and the “undeserving charlatan” is an inexperienced bartender who still owes taxes on a failed business that you can just bet was founded with a generous government grant for minority/female business owners.

But take heart: it seems that along with all the other obstacles she’s had to overcome - because there aren’t grants for everything a minority female needs to succeed - she’s managed to overcome her imposter syndrome as well.

She was of course talking about Mike Lee, who dared mock her infantile Green New Deal to save the world.

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Sometimes you should just go with your first instinct.