Thursday, March 14, 2019

Shut Your Pi Hole and Have a Slice

Happy Pi Day. ABC News assembled this informational video to mark the date (3-14) that represents Alfred Einstein’s birthday and the first 3 digits of an infinite number:

The accompanying article chronicles the saga of the Indiana amateur mathematician who once convinced the  Indiana legislature to introduce a bill defining pi as 3.2. It nearly passed. While an interesting story of the lack of mathematical knowledge - even a century ago - the comments on the article prove even more enlightening. As of this morning Every. Single. Comment. on the thread was some sort of disdainful swipe at the intelligence of President Trump and/or his supporters.

Unfortunately that’s where we find the country on Pi Day, 2019; the only constant is Trump hate.

Image result for trump pieOrange-man pie bad!

So in an attempt to heal the deep rift that divides America I would like to propose that we leave mathematics out of the equation all together and change Pi Day to Pie Day. Millions of people, including the Fox and Friends morning crew, apparently think that’s what it’s about anyway so why not make it official and eliminate at least one opportunity to argue over political ideology?

Better for one day to argue about America’s favorite pie

Image result for pi day

than politics.

Because who doesn’t love pie?

Image result for chicken pot pie 3 of my favorite thingsMy 3 favorite things…

in a crust. Image result for chicken pot pieChicken. Pot. Pie.