Friday, May 10, 2019

FLOTUS Friday: True American Patriot Edition

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a proper FLOTUS Friday, so here goes.

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The MSM love to snipe that the anti-bullying message embedded in Melania’s BE BEST campaign should be taken to heart by our President. They mistake his online insults as bullying rather than a counterbalance to their 99% negative coverage. Oh, my bad…I exaggerated. A bit.

Furthermore it’s possible to consider their own snarky stories about our FLOTUS a little over-the-top in the bullying department as well.

The third Mrs. Trump is private and reserved, and seems to like it that way. The expertly crafted photos, ostensibly edited to protect the privacy of the minors, thoroughly encapsulate how Trump has defined the undefinable role of first lady thus far: She’s there. But, like, not really. – WaPo

That, mind you, is ostensibly neutral reporting. And criticizing Melania for, well, not being Michelle Obama seems both unnecessary and unhelpful.

Former first lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign represented a hard-to-argue-with olive branch of her husband’s Affordable Care Act.

With olive branches like that I vote to continue the war

And criticizing her for not being a front for the President’s policies - like Michelle certainly was for her husband’s – seems disingenuous at best.

Unlike past first ladies of the modern era, Trump did not have a hand in building her husband’s political career. “That was never a role she played and therefore may not be a role she’s comfortable with and even resists.”

You know if she had chosen a more active role they would have criticized her for being nothing more than a tool at the mercy of her husband’s evil misogynist ways. Melania is far too smart to let them put her in that corner. But more importantly Donald Trump, unlike all modern presidents, didn’t have a “political career.” He was a builder and entrepreneur until Obama tried to fundamentally transform America into a Latin American socialist paradise. The Donald had no political career until he determined that everyone else running was beholden to everyone and firmly entrenched in the swamp that is the Deep State. That’s when he determined that he was the only one who could transform it back.

For that we will be eternally in your debt, President Donald J. Trump.

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And we thank you too Melania, for sacrificing at least 4 and hopefully 8 of your best years to do something you never imagined, wanted or sought in order to help your husband Make America Great Again.

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For that you are a true American hero and patriot.