Saturday, May 11, 2019

The World Needs More Underdogs Not More Victims

Boy, the MSM has been uncharacteristically quiet about the most recent school shooting haven’t they? I suppose it may have something to do with how the perps obtained the guns – stolen from parents who had purchased them legally. More likely it has more to do with the fact that at least one of the two villain shooters is a member of the newest protected fringe identity group: Girls-to-Men. Or is that boys-to-Womyn? It’s so hard to tell which way the kids are going these days. In any event I’m willing to bet the shooters cover at least 2 letters from the LGBTQIA alphabet. I couldn’t tell you for sure which color they represent in the Pride flag, but they’re in there somewhere.

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And the fact that at least one of the two yoots responsible for the shooting was a rabid anti-Trumper, Christian-hating leftist doesn’t help either. The fact that she/he was the daughter/son of *criminal illegal alien from Mexico* who was jailed for a weapons offenses and domestic violence and deported TWICE is likewise unhelpful to the left’s whiney narrative.

Then there’s the issue of the student body at the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) school where the shooting occurred. They refused to accept their designated roll as victims…

Cripes, these nerdy smart kids don’t make very useful ‘survivors.’  

It must be terrifying for the MSM when the youngest generation appears to have better sense in their teens than they’ve been able to muster even in their dotage. But then, it is a STEM school, not a J-school.

So it looks like this is the best they can come up with: “Students who tackle shooters die as heroes. Some experts worry ‘we’re setting our kids up to be martyrs.’”

“Experts” say:

…the feeling of needing to fight back stems primarily from an active shooter response protocol embraced by many schools and workplaces called "Run, hide, fight," which encourages those in the path of an armed intruder to flee or hide by doing things like using furniture to barricade doors, and as a last resort, to attack the assailant.

Reality, however, says it’s more likely “based on instinct as opposed to a planned-out action as a result of active shooter training instituted at the school.” Imagine that – the hero response being instinctual in some people?

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That really doesn’t fit well with the left’s twisted world view where you are either a villain or a victim and there’s no place for heroes.

Image result for villain or victimThe world needs more Underdogs, not more victims