Thursday, May 9, 2019

There’s Crazy, Plain Crazy and Then There’s ‘Rationally’ Crazy

This short entry on Instapundit made me LOL. I’ve taken the liberty of reposting it in one of Glenn Reynolds’ own favorite formats - the shot/chaser.

Image result for espresso shot with a morning chaserAn espresso glass for those mornings when a shot just isn’t enough

SHOT: Survey suggests shame around mental illness fading in U.S.


Ain’t that the truth. Or at least some people’s truth. If we can normalize the current fad of transgenderism what can’t we normalize? Naturally this ‘survey’ doesn’t distinguish between types of mental illnesses, so for the purpose of asking the question, anxiety is comparable to psychotic schizophrenia. In more normal times that point alone would disqualify the survey results as having any merit. But in these post-normal times where all things are morally equivalent we will be judged on how well we manage to suppress our frontal lobe capacity to use our God-given facility of judgement.

I’m not sure if this video explains the cause or the effect of this survey, possibly it’s both.

While the most common reactions to the video tended along the lines of “remember when chimps used to play outside?” and “wait till he learns to read and write and starts leaving comments,” I think the bigger question is “have chimps already learned to code?” That would explain a lot.

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There is some good news however, it appears that not all survey respondents have been brainwashed to the extent that they can no longer exhibit rational judgement.

“Even so, almost half (49 percent) would be uncomfortable dating someone with a mental disorder.”

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That in itself might help reverse the upward tick in mental illness for future generations.

And speaking of differentiating between the various forms of cray-cray let’s be clear; there is the bat sh*t Trump Derangement Syndrome crazy that ultimately causes you to be a danger to yourself and others. And then there’s the “rationally crazy” kind that tends to help you accomplish your agenda.

China will seal a trade deal with "rationally crazy" Donald Trump as early as Friday, or soon after, because both sides want a resolution to their dispute, according to Li Daokui, a former adviser to China’s central bank.

"President Trump appears to be crazy but I call him rationally crazy - he wants to squeeze a better deal for the US," Li told Bloomberg Television in an interview in Beijing Wednesday. “The two sides, President Trump and China, at the end of the day are rational.” - Bloomberg

Image result for trump crazy like a foxOur President, crazy like a fox

Do you think he’s just an accidental billionaire?