Friday, June 7, 2019

The Media Curtsies, Trump Dos Si Dos

A survey of notoriously left-leaning historians conducted by C-Span last year ranked Ronald Reagan well ahead of Democrat icons Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in the “best U.S. presidents” contest. Since it’s nothing more than a popularity poll I would deem it meaningless but for one thing: while in office Ronald Reagan was disliked and maligned nearly as much as President Trump is today. That he cracked the top 10 at all is astounding. Not that the media was as blatant about their liberal leanings during the Reagan years as they are now that they enjoy the very vocal support of like-thinking sycophants, but they still had their ways of communicating their dislike and disapproval. Just as they did when they helped shape public opinion against Nixon.

Image result for nixon five o clock shadowThe media started throwing “shade” at Nixon starting with his debate against JFK

While coverage earlier this week would have you believe President Trump is the only president in history to have protests against him on foreign shores the truth is otherwiseAnd as Newsmax noted during last year’s demonstrations in London:

Trump haters in London cannot even compare to previous anti-America protests that history-deprived journalists seem to have forgotten.

In October of 1983, more than one million people filled the streets of West Germany to protest Reagan’s deployment of the Pershing 2 and cruise missiles…Similar protests were held in Paris, London, Rome, Stockholm and Vienna.

I know the above looks like a hostage situation but it’s actually an anti-Reagan protest against the deployment of Pershing missiles in West Germany, Bremerhaven, 1983. Below, same concept, Ulm.

While this week’s planned London  protests got off to a slow start, with only a handful of protestors showing up with their stupid prop, that didn’t stop the press from reporting otherwise, as exemplified in this ironic headline from Business Insider: “Photos show hundreds of people protesting Trump's visit in the UK which the president called 'fake news’”  Wow, “hundreds.”

trump london protestsOK, if you want to claim “hundreds” I’ll play along but it looks more like “dozens” and a silly balloon to me.

And while protests ramped up the next day – all the way to “thousands expected to gather in London's iconic Trafalgar Square.”  “Thousands” – Phft! Any punk with a phone can summon thousands up on a moments notice with today’s social media. Not impressive, which might explain why the BBC felt compelled to use footage from last year’s anti-Trump protest, a move so blatantly bogus that even Snopes had to concede that it was fake news.

Anyway since it is technically FLOTUS Friday, even though we’ve enjoyed an entire FLOTUS week, I repost this lovely shot from the Queen’s dinner, which has that annoying man’s shadow ‘shopped out of Melania’s lovely gown:

And for all the haters out there still complaining because Mrs. Trump refused to curtsy to the Queen (which is optional, especially if you are not a British subject) here’s a pretty good explanation, Theresa May curtsying to Prince Charles:

Um, no. Just no. Not ever.

Oh, and by the way: PDJT does not bow, does not curtsy. But he has been known to pull an occasional dos si dos. Are you paying attention Mexico?