Monday, June 3, 2019

We’ve Run Into a Bit of a Sticky Wicket

President Trump had a very busy day yesterday. He played golf (which you heard about) went to a church service (which you didn’t) attended the annual Ford Theater Gala fundraiser with the FLOTUS

before a quick change and departure in the late evening for his United Kingdom state visit.

$4400 Gucci shirt dress that featured prints of London landmarks such as the Big Ben and the Tower Bridge

Following the overnight flight, the president and First Lady arrived in London this morning to very blustery weather. Melania disembarked wearing a very proper suit and blouse looking like, yes, royalty.

Mr Trump salutes servicemen and women who formed a guard of honour as he walked from his jumbo jet to his helicopter

The Daily Mail took both occasions to do what they do, take snarky swipes at both our President and FLOTUS  (“President Donald Trump has paid glowing tribute to his 'beloved' wife Melania at the Ford's Theater Gala in Washington, D.C….the Commander-in-chief gushed over the First Lady, claiming she was extremely popular with the American public.”). They did report on PDJT’s church attendance, focusing, as ever, on the superficial:

President Trump appeared Sunday at a Virginia church with slicked back hair after a game of golf - sending social media into a frenzy over whether he is trying a new hairstyle

“President Trump appeared Sunday at a Virginia church with slicked back hair after a game of golf - sending social media into a frenzy over whether he is trying a new hairstyle.”

While standing on stage with Pastor David Platt, he was seen with his hair combed back, which got people on social media wondering what happened to the president.

It’s called “hat hair” and for what it’s worth, MOTUS approves.

Meanwhile, back in London Resistors gotta Resist, so protests against our president are coming together as we speak.

Protesters are organising a "national demonstration" which will start at Trafalgar Square at 11:00 on Tuesday. Both the Stop Trump Coalition and Stand Up to Trump protest groups said they would be present.

The protests are apparently being led behind the scenes by London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, who compared our President to European dictators in a scathing Op-Ed over the weekend (It’s Un-British to roll out the red carpet for Donald Trump). Of course Kahn was outraged when VSGPDJT responded far more succinctly via Twitter:

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Donald Trump's first tweet on British soil was to tear into Sadiq Khan

You want to play ball with PDJT you play by his rules so just shut up.

Anyway…the President’s calendar today is packed:

9.00am: Air Force One lands at Stansted Airport.

9.40am: Mr Trump and Melania flown by helicopter to US Ambassador's residence in Regent's Park: Winfield House.

Midday: The President and First Lady will take off for Buckingham Palace where the Queen will meet them, show them around and then host them for lunch. Prince Harry will also be there - but his wife Meghan is at home caring for baby Archie.

3pm: The couple will then fly to Westminster Abbey  where they will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior - and have a tour of the historic church.

4pm: Prince Charles will then host them at Clarence House for a 15-minute meeting before heading back to Winfield House.

7.30pm: President Trump and his family will fly back to Buckingham Palace for the state banquet with the event last until around 11pm

That’s more than Obama, 20 years his junior, normally jammed into a whole week. Nevertheless, he managed to fundamentally change America in just 8 years. I’m hopeful that with President Trump’s stamina, he’ll be able to change it back in half that time.

Then he’ll have time to help Britain out with their sticky wicket once again as well.

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