Sunday, June 2, 2019

Last Tango in Brazil

Obama tangos in Argentina during his South American Wine tour, 2016

Maintaining his long-standing tradition Barack Hussein Obama again took the opportunity to criticize America on foreign soil last week, this time in Brazil.

“Some of you may be aware, our gun laws in the United States don’t make much sense. Anybody can buy any weapon, any time without much, if any, regulation."

Perhaps Brazilians can be forgiven for thinking our gun laws don’t make much sense as they are not necessarily educated in the terms of our Constitution. One does however expect an ex-American president to be familiar with such things as the purpose of the Bill of Rights, which is to protect the rights of individuals from government interference. As our founders knew only too well, one of the most common forms of governmental “interference” is tyrannical rule. Brazil too is certainly familiar with that sort of thing, having lived under a military dictatorship for 21 years from the mid-60s to the mid 80’s during which dissent was not tolerated. And it’s hardly as if Latin America in general is unfamiliar with tyrannical dictatorships: Venezuela, Argentina, Chili, Cuba, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Uruguay – to mention a few. So perhaps they understand the people’s right to bear arms better than former president Obama does.

A few other things the former ‘Commander‘and Chief’ - as he liked to refer to himself – apparently doesn’t know either are the regulations that are in place in this country in order to purchase various guns whether over the internet or otherwise. The man sworn to uphold our laws for 8 years doesn’t even know the And this was a man who swore to uphold our laws for eight years doesn’t even know the basics of the National Firearms Act.

Ironically Barack would be a perfect Latin American dictator: an ill-informed elite socialist gun grabber with a fashionista wife.

Image result for juan and eva peronJuan, Evita and his little pistoles

Oh, and by the way, Brazil which has very strict gun laws still experiences a murder rate that would make  Chicago blush. So I don’t know how that advances the narrative.

How about you just take one last bow on the tango floor and wave buh’ bye Barack.

Good night already, we’ve had just about as much fundamental transformation as we can tolerate.