Saturday, June 8, 2019

“Trump, You Magnificent Bastard!”

Do you know what we need around here? That’s right, a little…

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That’s right, somebody crazy enough to just say no.

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As it happens, we elected such a guy.

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The result, after all the breast beating, kvetching, threatening and posturing about PDJT’s threatened Mexican tariffs, this:

Terms of Agreement with Mexico

  • Mexican national guard deployed
  • Action to dismantle human smuggling and trafficking
  • Asylum seekers returned to Mexico
  • Mexico to offer asylum seekers jobs, health care, and education
  • Further action if no results in 90 days

Seriously folks, this isn’t rocket science. It’s more like raising a child. Children need to be taught how to behave appropriately in polite society, they need you to establish boundaries and implement consequences when those boundaries are breached.

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No boundaries, no consequences = children behaving badly. Therefore when the child continues to ignore your instructions and ignore the established borders it’s time to lower the boom. Lest they go sailing into the  horizon unaware of the storm.

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You don’t even need The Art of the Deal to handle such basic threats to your sovereignty. All you really need is a firm grasp on the problem,

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a rudimentary knowledge of human nature, an inclination to do the right thing and the fortitude to follow through if the behavior doesn’t improve. 

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Democrats still think the world should just change to accommodate their vision of how it ought to be.