Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

I stopped visiting Drudge regularly a couple years back when he sold out to who-knows-who for who-knows-why. Since then I’ve relied on other excellent news aggregators, primarily Larwyn’s Linx, Bad Blue and Whatfinger. Along with Instapundit that pretty much covers the waterfront.

Lately I’ve noticed some headlines at Whatfinger titled “Humor-Satire” such as these, from today:

Which made me wonder, have things become so crazy that we actually need a warning that what we are about to read is satire? After perusing my go-to sites I’ve concluded the answer is yes. Actual headlines have become so ludicrous it has become increasingly difficult to tell the real from the parody.

For example, from Bad Blue:

Kirsten Gillibrand compares being pro-life to being racist: 'the other side is not acceptable'

Glaciers are Outliving the Environmentalist Who Predicted Their Doom

Mitt Romney Is Thinking of Co-Sponsoring a Carbon Tax for Some Reason

Virginia Tech Held Ten Separate Cultural Graduation Achievement Ceremonies

You Can Get a Year in Jail for Feeding Garbage to a Pig

Other links from Whatfinger NOT labeled Humor-Satire:

Instagram Promotes 'Trans Disabled Model' Who Is Calling For The Killing Of All 'Transphobes'

Charlize Theron is raising her son as a girl because when he was 3 he said he was a girl

And over at Instapundit:

If Hipsters Became Zombies, Could We Tell the Difference?

The World Is a Mess. We Need Fully Automated Luxury Communism

At this point in our collective experience it might be useful to remind people of Oscar Wilde’s observation:

Image result for life imitates art

And apparently George Orwell’s masterpiece demonstrates this principal far too well.

Image result for george orwell art imitating life

So your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Image result for george orwell art imitating life