Saturday, June 15, 2019

Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down: Check Out For Awhile and Re-Arm

Here it is: the end of yet another week filled that was filled with little other than manic reports from the rabbit hole, the last refuge of the lunatic fringe.

Image result for leftie lunatics in the rabbit holeI don’t think that’s going to help

While I’m quite capable of batting away at, countering or ignoring the Left’s frenzied derangement 98% of the time, when I’m worn out to begin with, which I am, I’m given to one of two things: violence or silence. Having discovered that violence is generally frowned upon unless you are a part of the Great Resistance, in which case it will be deemed justified by the fact that somebody, somewhere, sometime was once a victim of something. So to prevent mayhem and stay out of jail I will just follow the left’s advice for a bit and just SHUTUP.

I have no qualms about slipping into nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake when these moods strike, so join me if you’d like. Nothing is immune to wistful reminiscing so have at it. A few jumping off suggestions:

Fashion, both high and low:


 Givenchy/Audrey Hepburn


Image result for 1950's classic cars1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible

1953 DeSoto Firedome1953 DeSoto Firedome

Cities that once were glorious before turning into Liberal Paradises:

Image result for 1950 san francisco

Related image

Food that wasn’t gourmet but sure was fun:

Image result for 1950's classic food

 Related image

Cheesie bacon-wrapped weenies, don’t knock them till you’ve tried them.

Related image

The universe is calling me to make some of these and transport myself back to a simpler time when civilization required us to keep our politics away from our food and our children.

I’m quite certain that after a few bad-for-me food choices, a bottle of nice rosé and a good book I’ll be better.