Sunday, March 8, 2020

Chasing Daylight

Is it 6:00 AM? 5:00 AM? or 7:00? Who knows or even cares any more. We’re all going to die from the Wuhan virus, the world economy is going to collapse and China is going to end up with all the marbles and take over the world (h/t Chicken Little-Come-Lately Tucker Carlson – just added him to my must-not-watch-ever list along with pretty much everyone else on Fox News). So observing the correct time is pretty low on my priority list today.

Love it or hate it the semi-annual ritual of time switching in order to “save daylight” is an anachronism in our technological age. The concept was originally adopted by Congress in 1917 when most of rural America was not yet electrified.

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One hundred years later and most clocks change all by themselves. Our digital clocks are more adaptable than we are as they change without getting all cranky and out of sorts when they lose an hour in arguably the gloomiest month on the calendar. And as if the inconvenience of having to adjust our circadian clocks twice a year weren’t bad enough, our legislative overlords keep changing the rules every few years. Check out the erratic and arbitrary chronology of Michigan’s history with both time zones and daylight saving time. Parts of the state at various times have observed either EST or CST both with and without DST.

Legislative genius on display, doing what they do best: mucking up everyone’s life. Does anybody actually want to play this game anymore? If I were in charge I could certainly think of a more pleasant anachronism to impose on the masses than chasing daylight up and down the calendar. 

“Make sure you’re home by the time the street lights come on, Joey.”