Saturday, March 14, 2020

No Time To Explain, Just Get IN

Pro-tip: self reliance does not mean stocking up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Whoo-hoo, what a week! Hard to believe that the Mardi Gras wrapped up just 17 days ago. If we knew then what we know now the very public celebrations would have been cancelled…

and all those colorful masks would have been re-purposed for Wuhan Flu™ protection.

Instead we’ve been forced to face the fire-breathing Chinese dragon virus without the protection of the N95 respirator masks…

The racist Chinese Dragon spewing Wuhan Flu™ viruses all over the place

most of which are made in China.

This of course has led to great panic

Image result for seesaw stock market

and dire predictions.

In fact the panic has gotten so bad that Mexico is now considering closing THEIR border with the USA! Oh the irony.

But forget all that, it’s…Caturday! Jump in and embrace the flush.