Thursday, March 12, 2020

Love In the Time of COVID-19

I know it’s Throwback Thursday but first this breaking news of Love In the Time of COVID-19: Ilhan Omar announces that she married her campaign dude with whom she reportedly had an affair.

The tweet stream comments are hysterical, e.g. “Oh brother, where art thou?” Were I given to responding to random tweets, which I’m not, I probably would have tweeted this:

Image result for “This is my brother Daryll, and this is my other brother Daryll.”“Hi, I’m Larry,  this is my brother Daryll and this is my other brother Daryll.”

Which of course is a throwback to the old 1980s Newhart show – and what a great show it was.

Image result for the newhart show opening segment  inn shot

So there you have it, I’ve officially done my job today. The rest is on you.