Tuesday, March 10, 2020

It’s Taco Tuesday: Everybody Chill

I know, I know: the sky is still falling, along with the Dow. The Coronavirus is still causing runs on hand sanitizer, toilet paper and sanity. Joey B is still threatening to get the old band back together and Bernie is still insisting that “democratic socialism” is way different than “authoritarian communism” – although they are notoriously known for cross-breeding.

I sent my absentee ballot in for Michigan’s primary several weeks ago and I always have at least a 2 week supply of paper products and food on hand. Therefore I’m suspending my deep concern for the future of the country, along with what I hope are my irrational fears of a market collapse and the coming plague. Instead I’m going to focus completely on Taco Tuesday.

This week I’m sharing some sage advice for the lovelorn.

And guys - some Taco Tuesday advice for you as well:

Image result for men if  she is hot makes your mouth water she's not your lady, she's a taco

Of course long term relationships with another person are notoriously complicated, why not settle for a transitory but satisfying liaison with a good taco? Once you maneuver around the tricky “appropriation” allegation associated with Taco Tuesdays, tacos can be true Social Justice Warrior fare. They bridge the intersectionality of several key SJW concerns.


Image result for tex mex tacosImage result for chicken tacosBlack and white tacos – two ways!

Image result for perfect tacosImage result for perfect fish tacos

Gender identity:

Image result for tex mex tacos“Puffy” tacos

Image result for queso and chipsGender-fluid tacos


Image result for asian tacosAsian tacos banh mi style

And  in a pinch, you can even enjoy a good old American style taco, although they’ve fallen out of favor with the the  SJW crowd due to the aforementioned “appropriation” issue:

Image result for american style tacos

Naturally your Taco Tuesday relationship will be transitory, but that doesn’t mean it won’t also be both deeply rewarding and satisfying.

Image result for inhale tacos exhale negativity#Namaste

So take my advice: grab a taco and a Corona and chill.

Image result for corona beer and tacos Tequila optional