Monday, March 2, 2020

Life Imitates Art

All the remaining Democrat contenders going into Super Tuesday favor free college tuition. Some favor 4 years for students to pursue their bliss, debt free, while others propose (initially) a more moderate 2 years. A couple of whack jobs want to eliminate existing student debt as well.

Reflect on that as you peruse this story from The Oklahoman reporting on an ongoing student protest at Oklahoma University:

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Students said they will be sitting at Evans Hall until their demands are met. The Black Emergency Response Team (BERT) said many members would go on a hunger strike.

“To the upper administration: there will be no meetings,” said Miles Francisco, co-director of BERT, in a demand letter. “You either meet our demands or you starve us of our freedom. Join us.”

I see: there will be no negotiation. Seems reasonable, in a post-modern way. What, you ask, prompted such drastic action from BERT?

Following two controversial incidents of professors using a racial slur while teaching, dozens of University of Oklahoma students staged a sit-in Wednesday outside the OU’s president’s office.

Organized by the Black Emergency Response Team, students sat outside of interim President Joseph Harroz’s office with signs demanding action and calling for the resignation of OU Provost Kyle Harper... Legal Insurrection

The protest was in response to two recent events at OU when two professors used a derogatory word while teaching.

Earlier this week, Kathleen Brosnan, an OU faculty member in the history department, said the n-word multiple times while reading from a 1920's U.S. Senate document.

Per Legal Insurrection, Brosnan gave a “trigger warning” before she read the word, but still…and Gade has no cover at all.

Peter Gade, director of graduate studies for the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication and Gaylord Family endowed chair, used the N-word while comparing its usage to the phrase “OK, boomer.”

God forbid you should use an actual offensive word that was once widely used as a pejorative against Blacks in the context of teaching historical and social concepts. It’s use is now exclusively relegated to members of the Black race; whites are not permitted to utter it, with or without a trigger warning, in any context. But why the demand for the “resignation” of the Provost? Because clearly, being a white guy, he hired these racist professors on purpose.

Far more entertaining however is the rest of the student’s list of non-negotiable demands:

Demands from the group also include a semester-long class focused on diversity, and a new multicultural center that will feature meeting spaces for marginalized students, common areas, study rooms and a Popeyes restaurant.

Wait, what? They want a Popeye’s restaurant? 

Do these kids have an ironic sense of humor? Or does the group demanding diversity and retribution against a “racist’ University really not know how racist that is? They’re clearly too young to remember that Fuzzy Zoeller nearly got drummed out of professional golf for a fried chicken joke. They’re knowledge of history, even their own, is very selective.

In the 60s Black students rightfully demanded desegregation of the institutions of higher learning  including dorms, fraternities, sororities and student centers.  But by the early 90s “empowered” minorities and women began to demand the right to re-segregate themselves into enclaves of race, gender and ethnicity. Then they demanded that they get their own, separate, dormitories, fraternities, sororities, cafeteria tables, student centers, studies programs, enrichment programs and graduation exercises. 

That situation is what led to this classic 1993 Doonesbury cartoon lamenting the University President’s good intentions that degenerated into a fully segregated campuses again. You can almost feel the pain of self-loathing when the President discovers the “kids” now want… their own water fountains.

The cartoon is an excellent example of art imitating life. 

The sit-in at Oklahoma University or life imitating art. I don’t think the taxpayers need to pay for any more of that.