Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Super Wednesday…The Fun Never Stops

The fun just never stops at the Democrat Demolition Derby.

Thefun_neverstops_small“The Fun Never Stops” Artist print on archival paper, Mark Hollis

Despite the fact that everyone claimed victory last night, whether they won any states or not, the truth is it looks like a duel to the death between Joey and Bernie – whoever defies death longest wins.

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So if you forgot to vote for your favorite Operation Chaos Candidate yesterday don’t worry, Super Wednesday comes right after Super Tuesday and right before Super Thursday.  Democrat precinct workers will still be accepting  ballots right up through Super Thursday. So get out there and vote for your favorite old white guy.

So far however the results indicate that Biden got a huge bounce winning 9 out of 14 states and  453 delegates compared to Sanders 382.

Image result for dead cat bounceDon’t be fooled by the dead cat bounce

But clearly something is going on here as Biden was proclaimed DOA just a week ago. I guess it pays to keep our eye on the ball.

But from here it looks like the  Empire struck back. The Machine has finally processed the nation’s appetite for socialism and decided they need to pack Bernie off to Cuba or somewhere. Biden is their guy, again.

Good luck with that old favorite. Maybe he can save the franchise, but I doubt it. Maybe they can find themselves another skywalker.

Image result for yoda there is another skywalker

But again, I doubt it.

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