Thursday, March 5, 2020

Throwback Thursday: “Hell No” Edition

“Complete transformations” happen so fast these days that it is helpful to set Thursdays aside to recall the roots of some of today’s popular technologies and ideas.

The Origin of Texting Devices

For example, few people today know the proper way to set a formal dinner table.

The correct placement of the texting device is below and slightly to the left of the butter plate.

And it seems that every decade or so people forget that really bad ideas create bubbles:

Image result for what is an economic bubble for dummies

that result in a really bad economic downturn when they burst. Yet they continue to fall for really bad ideas.

Just a few random Throwback Thursday thoughts to pass along to anybody you know who’s tempted to vote Democratic this November.

The answer is not just “no” but “hell no!”