Sunday, May 31, 2020

We’re All Marxists Now: Part II

A major mea culpa, I spoke too soon. Salt Lake is not the model for peaceful protest after all. While most of the good little Marxist wannabes more-or-less stayed in their cars as they were told…

there are always going to be the bad actors who won’t follow the rules.

#Breaking A @slcpd vehicle has been flipped over and set on fire at 400 S 200 E

This is right in front of Salt Lake’s Public Library, generally considered a very safe area. Or at least it was until recently. The last time I drove by, just before the Great Cootie Lockdown of 2020, the vagrants homeless had set up a tent encampment on the back side of the library that ran for a couple blocks.

Amid shelter closing, SLCC amps up support of basic needs ...

I’m not saying this had anything to do with the turned over police cars, just a statement of fact.

Elsewhere lazy white people continued to protest peacefully, even if they didn’t stay in their own lane as instructed.

And then there was this dude: Driver pulls BOW & ARROW on protesters blocking road in Salt Lake City

A brave but stupid move as he a) did not shoot and b) was stopped in gridlock. He was pounced on, pummeled by demonstrators and his car was flipped and set on fire.

So now, because “a protest denouncing racism and deadly force by law enforcement turned violent Saturday afternoon as protesters set two cars on fire and threw rocks at the windows of businesses and cars while police responded with rubber bullets and arrests,” Gov. Gary Herbert activated the National Guard and the city is under curfew through tomorrow. Similar to stay-at-home but without all the hand washing.

Really not a good look Salt Lake. But as I’ve mentioned many times before, SLC isn’t the conservative enclave of Republicans you think it is. Wherever there be large cities there be Democrats. And wherever there be Democrats there be government handouts and gimme dats. That’s just the Great Society we created.

Evolution of welfare state : Libertarian