Saturday, June 6, 2020

We’re Not Happy Until You’re Not Happy

Don Imus (R.I.P.), New York’s long-running morning drive-time host and impresario was known for driving his guests to distraction. Part of his schtick was to tell them, when their discomfort began to become apparent, “we’re not happy ‘til you’re not happy.”

This is the Imus in the Morning program, We're not happy 'till you're not happy.

I think that’s the motto of the Black Lives Matter/ANTIFA gang as well. So far they’re doing a pretty good job of accomplishing their objective on their own, but CBS decided to give them a little boost anyway:

White silence on social media: Why not saying anything is actually saying a lot.

“It’s incredibly hurtful,” said Broadway star Jelani Alladin. “And you’re telling me that you have no hesitation posting a selfie of yourself… or what you’re eating for dinner, and yet you’re telling me that you’re afraid to say something because you might hurt other people’s feelings? Or you don’t know what to say? Or you don’t have an audience to reach? Were you thinking those things when you posted the other photos? I don’t think you were.”

Social media silence is nuanced. There are people whose feeds have simply gone dark. There are people who, as Alladin notes, have continued posting selfies and pictures of their food as if nothing is wrong. And, as fitness influencer Trammell Logan tells CBS News, it can even be hurtful when white people post messages about #blacklivesmatter side-by-side with more frivolous content.

“In your natural state of being distraught or sadness, if something extremely personal happens to you, I can’t see how you can be in that state and post about it or be about it and then five minutes later like post a cocktail mix, or like you dancing. Our emotions don’t necessarily work like that,” Logan said.

Curiously though, at least based on their Website, CBS hasn’t stopped broadcasting its sitcoms and cop shows in a show of support. - Ed Driscoll

They should get partial credit for taking half a knee.

Apparently CBS’ Tweet promoting the above article -

was getting a huge response, mostly selfies and pictures of food and pets.

Try not to look so happy little guy, or somebody will come along and kick you.

I know it’s Caturday, but you try to find a picture of a happy cat.