Tuesday, June 2, 2020

It’s Take Out Tuesday: Antifa Edition

It’s Take Out Tuesday. The list of people/organizations I would like to take out is long and growing longer. Feel free to add additional names to the list.

  • Antifa
  • Governor Cuomo , Mayor De Blasio along with their counterparts across the country who are allowing their states/cities to be destroyed and their cops attacked.


  • The CNN team, along with the rest of the entire leftist media cabal
  • Antifa


  • Hypocritical “celebrities” supporting this violence in any way.

  • Helpless/useless politicians of any ilk, too numerous to mention.

And in case I forgot to mention them,

  • Antifa

Take them out, take them all out. These reprehensible, culpable individuals and mobs who are committed to taking this country and this President down. Time to deploy the Left’s standards against them: take them out, by any means possible.